Yes my name is really Carrera and yes, I was named after the Porsche. After graduating the New Media Design and Web development program at BCIT, I worked as an interaction designer at Elevator Strategy. I was responsible for designing and developing user-centric media that communicates meaning through intuitive design based on inherent human behaviour. After working there for 1.5 years, I am looking for a position where I can utilize and further refine these skills. I feel strongly about technological advancements and how they need to be accessible and fun for everyone, which is why I am interested in UI and UX design.

Personal Profile

I am hard working, devoted and dedicated to every one of my projects, always putting in 110%. I am able to separate myself from the project enough to think like an outsider and view the projects from all sides to assess and find design flaws and solutions.

I live on the North Shore and spend my free time hiking, cooking or working on new projects. I love researching different techniques and staying up to date with latest trends and what people are sharing online.

Recent Jobs

December 2019 – Present

Director of Flipt Digital

I am the design and account lead of my shared web company Flipt Digital. My partner Christina and I work together to help small business owners compete on the online world of today.

November 2018 – March 2020

Interaction Designer at Elevator Strategy

At Elevator Strategy, I was responsible for designing and developing user-centric digital media that communicates meaning through intuitive design based on inherent human behaviour.

September 2018 – November 2018

Intern at Elevator Strategy

Having worked as a junior designer and production artist intern for 3 months, I learned valuable design practices and industry skills, working on projects for clients such as YVR, Re/Max, People’s Trust, Civilized and Generate.

October 2018 – December 2018

Web Designer (UI/UX) at Contract Hot Soup Media

At Hot Soup designed pages with creative solutions to be both logical and intuitive yet thought-provoking. I provided insight through consultations in helping to determine what works, what doesn’t, the best method to do something or how we could approach it differently.

I assisted on on-going website content updates and building out new pages.


2017 – 2018

British Columbia Institute of Technology

I completed the New Media Design and Web Development program at BCIT learning the Adobe Creative Suite and how to build websites. It was a full-time course that taught me how to build sites for companies as well as other technical aspects like UI/UX, graphic design and various coding languages (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP)