Yes my name is really Carrera and yes, I was named after the Porsche. I work at Mellenger Interactive as a junior web developer. I am responsible for the set up, configuration and deployment websites using Drupal, WordPress or other CMS systems as well as assisting in design related opportunities and quality assurance testing from time to time.

Since becoming a designer, I have started two companies: a clothing brand that aims to support Paralympic athletes, named Type Two Fun, and my own web marketing studio, Flipt Digital. Eager to learn more, I am currently undergoing the completion of the New Media Diploma at BCIT and having been recently awarded a scholarship by the Adobe Design Circle, have big plans to finish my BBA.

Personal Profile

I am hard working, devoted and dedicated to every one of my projects, always putting in 110%. I am able to separate myself from the project enough to think like an outsider and view the projects from all sides to assess and find design flaws and solutions.

I live on the North Shore and spend my free time hiking, cooking or working on new projects. I love researching different techniques and staying up to date with latest trends and what people are sharing online.

Recent Jobs

June 2020 – Present

Junior Web Developer at Mellenger Interactive

I am responsible for using web technologies such as HTML, PHP, CSS and JavaScript to solve client problems and set up, configure and deploy websites using Drupal, WordPress or other CMS systems from design files.

December 2019 – Present

Director of Flipt Digital

I am the owner of a web company called Flipt Digital. I work to help small business owners compete on the online world of today.

November 2018 – March 2020

Interaction Designer at Elevator Strategy

At Elevator Strategy, I was responsible for designing and developing user-centric digital media that communicates meaning through intuitive design based on inherent human behaviour.

September 2018 – November 2018

Intern at Elevator Strategy

Having worked as a junior designer and production artist intern for 3 months, I learned valuable design practices and industry skills, working on projects for clients such as YVR, Re/Max, People’s Trust, Civilized and Generate.

October 2018 – December 2018

Web Designer (UI/UX) at Contract Hot Soup Media

At Hot Soup designed pages with creative solutions to be both logical and intuitive yet thought-provoking. I provided insight through consultations in helping to determine what works, what doesn’t, the best method to do something or how we could approach it differently.

I assisted on on-going website content updates and building out new pages.


2020 – Present

British Columbia Institute of Technology

I am working on completing the New Media Design and Web Development Diploma program at BCIT, taking night courses to upgrade my certificate. I am learning new skills such as advanced digital photography, storytelling, how to design and build apps and advanced UI/UX trends.

2017 – 2018

British Columbia Institute of Technology

I completed the New Media Design and Web Development certificate program at BCIT learning the Adobe Creative Suite and how to build websites. It was a full-time course that taught me how to build sites for companies as well as other technical aspects like UI/UX, graphic design and various coding languages (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP)