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"An artist without her brushes is like a chef without his knife or a plumber without his tools" - Henderson

premium artist brushes

Quality, Industry-standard brushes

Acute cosmetic brushes are built for the artist within. With premium synthetic, micro-fiber hairs, they are softer and silkier than stiff animal hair.

Used widely by professional make-up and special FX artists, the bristles are designed and cut for maximal precision and accuracy.

The 100% non-porous bristles perfectly apply all kinds of powder, cream and liquid products. There is no excessive soak-up of product like with other brushes, making them longer lasting and saving more product.

closeup of eye makeup

Made for sensitive skin

Acute brushes are perfect for all skin types especially those with smooth and sensitive skin as they have no irritation. With extensive of research, we have developed the perfect combination of smooth and soft bristles to mimic those of natural brushes but without the use of our furry friends. Acute Cosmetic Brushes are 100% vegan-friendly and just as soft!

The high-end brushes contain Accutip™ Technofibers that shape to your face and ensure no shedding.

Premium Brush Cleaning Services Available

Did you know over 60% of people don't wash their makeup brushes?

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We offer premium brush cleaning services in order to maintain optimal brush performance and keep them longer lasting! Drop your set off at one of our retailer locations near you and have your brushes sent off for a proper, professional cleaning.

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