Unique, Specialty Brew

All our beers are designed and named to resonate with each customer individually. They are brewed fresh in small batches writh rotating taps frequently to keep things going.

Bringing the community together!

Established in 2010, Growler Brewery has been serving all over the lower mainland, bringing smiles to people and making their weeks a little better. Whether as a place for meet ups, hang out or just to pick up bottles to go, Growler is happy to provide and do whatever it takes to bring people together for actual quality time away from technology.

All growler refills are $2 off when you bring two or more to fill.

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"Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder, so keep calm, save water and drink beer"

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Rotating Taps Often
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Quality Craft Beer
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Social Sips

Tired of drinking alone? Well look no further! Join our social group and come meet new people, socialize and let relationships flourish from the one thing we all already have in common that is our mutual love of BEER!

Meet ups are Mondays and Thursdays at 5:30pm-8pm