Elections BC

Challenge: EBC has a lot of content and sub-navigations so, proper restructuring of content was key.

Mediums: Website

Process: In order to improve the flow of information, I had to reconstruct the navigation. To start, I did an entire audit of all the content on the website to determine new groupings of information and improve flow. From there, I redid the information architecture, determining how to simplify the menu and a blocking layout that is more easily digested upon first glance. From there, we looked at things such as contrast and sizing to increase visibility and accessibility for the visually impaired.

Purpose: To help EBC improve their user interaction and flow of information on the website to increase accessibility, discoverability and reduce user pain points.

  • Software: Illustrator, Adobe XD, Moqups, InVision
  • Date: February 2020
  • Role: UX Design, IA, Web design
  • Senior Designer (overseer): Carolyn Jia