When the pandemic hit in 2020, annual fundraising events became impossible. Needing a solution for fundraising within the limitations of COVID-19, we created a virtual fitness fundraising platform that is motivating and fun.


To maintain engagement and encourage, donations, Move2Help converts every one dollar donated to equal one kilometre achieved. In doing so, athletes would be encouraged to donate or get donations if they are unable to meet their weekly km goal and contribute to their team. This gamification would improve motivation, incentives, and foster the same spirit of community that fundraisers had always brought together.

  • Software: Illustrator, Adobe XD, Moqups
  • Date: August 2020
  • Role: UX Design, Graphic Design
  • Senior Designer (overseer): Tianna Kwong


To start conceptualizing the project from start to finish and determine the data structure and flow we had to outline the 4 primary users: Participants, Team Leaders, Donors, and fundraiser organizers. As each user has different needs, levels of interaction and data access, we created personas to flesh out the various needs and areas of opportunity.

Building a new social platform that had fitness tracking, donations, goals, achievements, marketing automation, mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

From there, we laid out the platform’s structure of features and functionality and wireframed out the necessary screens for the app and website.

We designed a visual brand and applied a friendly UI that would express empathy, adventure and fun. The look and feel was extended into virtual badges and pins for gifts and achievements to motivate competitors along the way, giving these virtual rewards a 3-dimensional treatment to evoke a feeling of familiarity and minimize the virtuality caused by the pandemic.