The Live Your Values Deck

I was in Plenty waiting for a friend to try on and purchase pants. Looking through the random merchandise on the shelves, I picked up this cute deck that reads “The Live Your Values Deck.”

Unclear how to get the deck out, other than that it opens from the bottom, the only way for me to open it was to shake it, leveraging gravity to do the work. To my surprise, the deck comes flying out onto the floor, leaving me in utter embarrassment. Luckily, they were still wrapped in plastic so all the cards stayed together, but imagine if all the individual cards went everywhere!

This is an example of bad UX package design.

Design Problems:

  1. The cards were sitting upright on the shelf, so as to display the artwork on the box, however this implies to the user that the box opens vertically when, in fact, it opens horizontally.
  2. There is no pull tab to slide out the bottom drawer nicely. The only way to open it is to shake it or pull hard on the little cardboard cut out.

Design Solution:

  1. A simple solution to the box would be to add a ribbon pull tab to the drawer
  2. An alternative design for the bottom drawer would be to make it a vertical cardholder for easy removal, as the cards would be able to perfectly slide out of the sleeve, matching the vertical design of the box.